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Chez Soi

We are Aurélie and Julia, two different but complementary sisters.
Together, we have created Soi Parisa French brand of women's clothing with colorful and original prints that we design. Each print tells a light and unexpected story, Print Stories. More than clothes, they are stories to wear.
All our materials are of natural origin that we carefully select to offer pieces of impeccable quality. Silk, a natural material, delicate and soft to the touch, has quickly become an unavoidable choice right from the start.

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Print Stories

Soap bubbles

Forcing the children to stay at Soi, what a unique experience! At first, they are happy to miss school. And then it goes on and on. They're going around in circles, wanting to get out, desperately looking for distractions. I don't know about you, but here at Soi, soap bubbles are fun every time.

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Hello Bandana

Confined to their own homes, they abolish borders and distances by abusing their telephones. Wifi, bluetooth, connection sharing, USB key, charger.... Thank you technology for allowing me virtual outings. I hid all these icons in a bandana. Will you be able to find them?

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Assigned to stay at Soi, we are caught up in an overflowing energy, a frenzy of tidiness, a mad desire for order. A great Easter clean-up that allowed me to find at the bottom of a cupboard this collection of forgotten CDs that I loved so much. I made colourful and sparkling bouquets of them.

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Grand Cru

In the warmth of Chez Soi, you can console yourself from the closing of bars and restaurants by putting a bottle of good wine on the table. For my virtual aperitifs, to toast with my lover or to taste alone... At my place, the cellar is mostly Bordeaux red. This print is to be worn without moderation.

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Bubble Gum

Locked up at home for two months, who would have imagined living this? To pass the time, I blow bubbles with gum. I chew slowly, patiently, I let my mind wander, I escape, I'm outside... I've actually chewed all the gum in this printout.

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In Crumbs

Cut off from the world, we get into the kitchen, we test new recipes found on instagram. Me, I've rediscovered the pleasure of the golden butter cookies of my childhood. Crumbled, dipped in milk or served with a chocolate bar... This print was created at snack time.

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To Recycle You Must Sort

We're staying at Soi, where we take the opportunity to perfect our selective sorting reflexes. Green bin for glass, yellow for plastic, blue for paper, red for the rest, I've prepared a small recycling guide in pictures.

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