At Home - Act 1

This new collection is an exploration of our interiors.
I created it during the period of confinement, those long weeks that assigned everyone to Soi.

I observed all the objects that surrounded me, that are part of my daily life and perhaps yours.

In my home, in yours, in Soi's home, you can find: bottles of red wine on the table, little crumbled butter at all hours, chewing gum chewed for hours...

Locked up at Soi's, the imagination overflows.

In the warmth of Chez Soi,
you can console yourself from the closing of bars and restaurants by putting a bottle of good wine on the table. For my virtual aperitifs, to toast with my lover or to enjoy alone... At my place, the cellar is mostly Bordeaux red. I took a picture of it to duplicate it on silk.
This print is to be worn without moderation.

Cut off from the world, cooped up at home,
we realize that eating is good for morale.
We get into the kitchen, we test new recipes found on instagram. Me, I've rediscovered the pleasure of the little golden butters of my childhood.
Crumbled, dipped in milk or served with a chocolate bar... This print was created at snack time.

Locked up at home for two months,
who would have imagined living this? To pass the time, I blow bubbles with gum. I chew slowly, patiently, I let my mind wander, I escape, I'm outside...
I've actually chewed all the gum in this printout.

As a resident of Soi,
you can take advantage of this opportunity to perfect your sorting reflexes. Green bin for glass, yellow for plastic, blue for paper, red for the rest, I've prepared a small recycling guide in pictures. This print is to be worn to memorize the rules of recycling, educate your family and friends and do good for our planet!

shirt To Recycle You Must Sort

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