Travel Diary Part #2

On our way to the second part of our journey. We packed our bags and headed for the Himalayan peaks after stopping in Luxor and Cappadocia. I have dreamed of these journeys, these cities and these colours, and I hope to bring you back in my suitcases a great dose of sunshine and fresh air. Good discovery and above all have a good trip!

I take advantage of my arrival in Goreme, Turkey to start this travel diary. Magnificent hot-air balloons overhang the sky by hundreds. An almost unreal spectacle with a dreamlike look for the eyes from which ma shirtis inspired.

Few people know this, but the Himalayan mountain range is also known as the "Home of the Snows" because of its huge glaciers and snow-capped mountains at the top of which you can ski all year round. This print was inspired by a picture of these eternal snows.

I ventured to the banks of the Nile in Luxor, the ancient capital of the pharaohs. What a thrill to wander with my mouth open in the Valley of the Kings and discover these magnificent temples with stones engraved with hieroglyphics. I couldn't resist the urge to bring some of them back on my shirt.