On the Road

Last Capsule of our Travel Notebook collection.
We wished to finish in beauty with the most colourful and summery dresses. New prints, new cuts, long-awaited re-editions and always beautiful materials... Summer will be hot!

In India is the sumptuous pink city of Jaipur. We found a tablecloth covered with traditional embroidery during a trip there and we were inspired by it to create this print. You can see emblematic flowers and animals of the country such as the sacred cow and the palm tree.

Crepe de Chine

This season, we offer our iconic tank top and mischievous dress models in beautiful, deep and intense colours.
We have selected this silk for its incredible softness and peach skin effect. It is made with care by our silk specialists in the Shanghai region. They raise the silkworms themselves, weave the silk and print it with Oeko Tex certifications.

Pomelo & Tiger

You loved them, they're back! We're reissuing these two prints in brand new cuts. Loose-fitting dresses with flying sleeves or dresses closer to the body tied on the shoulders, summer will be bohemian!


From a distance, you think you see exotic red flowers, but up close, you realize that these are pictures of grapefruit slices. I wanted to create this trompe l'oeil print to play with your senses.


1982, Sylvester Stallone released his movie Rocky III and chooses this song from Survivor as the one opening credits. It became the favorite anthem for fitness rooms. Whistle his catchy chorus and you'll have the rage to win and the energy to resell... This print was painted with watercolors.