If you think our new collection smells like a reunion, good for you!

We've concocted a crazy cocktail of your favourite prints and exclusive cuts.

It's a bit like a reunion between sisters of the heart: it's a match, it's peppy and it's pulsating, in conquistadores mode, ready to take on the city and life.

Available Saturday 12 February from 9.30am

Follow us, let's dance under a rainbow, let's sail on a canoe, let's waltz on a scooter, let's drop colourful balloons.

Come and enjoy the vida loca and let's laugh our way to the stars...

Our Ode
to Joy.

We've already told you (and told you again): you are our inspiration. We accompany you in all your follies, your desires, your morphologies!

What if the Self was a bit of me, a bit of you?

Happiness is found in our sisters at heart.
Let us sing our hymn to joy together.


Saturday 12 February
From 9.30 am