Sister Story

I was born in France,

You were born in the United States

I agree,

You disagree

I disagree,

You agree

I follow my instinct,

You follow your mind

I draw and create,

You sell and analyze

I live in a dream world,

You are firmly grounded.

Soi, two very different sisters who complement each other

We are two sisters. We seem so different, but one thing brings us together, we want to be free to create, to establish our own rules, to set our own limits, and to stand on our own two feet. Creating, inventing, playing, surprising, understanding, challenging, excelling: we share the same philosophy. And we are both attracted to beautiful things and strong identities.

Soi is born of our need to create, our two selves united, our two universes blended, our two viewpoints fused, our two passions joined. Soi is a brand created for every woman’s secret and intimate self.  Clothes that you wear to please yourself.

Julia feels free when she is creating, unhindered, following her imagination, expressing through pictures how she understands life. Aurélie is in charge of the brand’s strategy and business development.

Our Prints


At Soi, we tell stories that give a meaning to each item of clothing. Designer Julia finds inspiration for her prints in the world around her, which she re-imagines in her own distinctive way. She understands the essence of today and lets our every-day environment feed her creativity.


At Soi, the world is neither standardized nor monochrome; life is a Technicolor dream! Julia’s flair for colors is displayed in her skillful and daring juxtaposition of shades.


At Soi, we mischievously play with your senses to reveal unexpected interpretations. Julia works around the concepts of viewpoint and perspective. With her keen sense of observation and detail, she enjoys juggling with the visual perception of shapes and patterns. Her prints may be read in more than one way; in close-up or at a distance, you will not see the same thing.

Our Values


We take the time to choose high quality fabrics carefully. Our creations are always printed on beautiful, comfortably soft materials. We are present at every step of the production process to check that the quality of our clothes is impeccable. The first chapter of our storybook is written exclusively on silk, a natural, refined, sleek fabric.


We want women to be able to afford a distinctive look and we are convinced that high quality does not always imply high prices. We choose to sell our creative clothing online to bypass intermediaries, offer fair prices, and stay tuned in to your desires.


We prefer simple cuts which do not distract from our offbeat prints. We create comfortable clothes reflecting who we are: fun-loving, modern, feminine, daring. We are aiming for effortless elegance with a distinctive style.