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Wrap dresses

The wrap dress is a must-have and essential for the women's dressing room! Bohemian, chic or casual, its flattering and refined cut has everything to please. Its creation dates back to the 1970s! Since then, many variations have been created over the years, and we now find the short wrap dressthe mid-length wrap dressthe long wrap dressetc. All women dream of a wrap dressAll you have to do is choose your model.

What material are your wrap dresses made of?

At Soi, our wrap dresses women are in silkSome of them are made of viscose and they are very colorful. All our prints are thought to sublimate you and color your dressing and your lives. Wearing color puts you in a good mood, it's proven! And believe in our experience with our colorful prints, you will receive a flood of daily compliments.

Does the wrap dress suit all body types?

The wrap dress woman is a dress that fits all morphologies! Whether you are a tall woman, short, whether you have a large or small chest. To allow an optimal support and a perfect holding, our wrap dresses are equipped with a small hook at the level of the neckline which allows, according to the size of your chest, to adjust or not. wrap-around cut With a kimono cut, removable belt, short or long sleeves, V-neckline, we have thought of all women.

When to wear a wrap dress?

Wear one of our wrap dresses for any occasion: whether it's a ceremony, a wedding or a simple outing with friends, it's sure to make you look your best! Play with prints and accessories for a chic or casual look. This season, discover all our advice on what to wear to a wedding.

How are the prints of our wrap dresses designed?

It is Julia, the co-founder of Soi Paris, who imagines all these prints and all these colours. It is with the help of her brush, her felt pens, her watercolor or collages that she creates, undoes, builds and deconstructs the models that will dress you in everyday life but also during your beautiful events. Once the design is perfect in her eyes, it's time to test the material, in this case silk very often. All of our women's wrap dresses are colorful and dressed in pretty prints.