Welcome to Moldova

Since the creation of Soi, we have been committed to offering you impeccable quality. Responsible manufacturing is above all a question of the choice of materials and the choice of manufacturing workshops. We have chosen to use exceptional materials, exclusively of natural origin, ethically sourced and sustainably produced in certified factories. We would like to share with you the secrets of our garments' production and the backstage of this workshop.


Discover the Workshop

This European family workshop is run by a woman, Georgeta. From the very first meeting, we were impressed by this woman who not only runs a 130-person workshop, but has also created a successful ready-to-wear brand in her country. Trained in London and passionate about women's fashion, she specializes in making flowing pieces. Her rigor and expertise have allowed her to work for major French brands. We have been working with her for several years.

A word from the founders

"Since the creation of Soi, we have been committed to offering you sustainable and responsible fashion. From the choice of our materials, to the choice of our workshops, we are committed to always prioritise quality and respect for our environment."

Aurélie & Julia

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