Concern for Detail

1/ Timeless cuts

Behind every Soi garment, long hours of work go into creating the perfect fit: clean, easy-to-wear cuts designed to sublimate every body type.

2/ Pretty details

Our love of detail means we leave no stone unturned in the design of a garment. From the buttons on our shirts, to the belts on our dresses, to the seams on our pants, nothing is left to chance. Our buttons are covered with printed fabric or custom-made.

3/ Neat
and resistant finishes

We set as a priority offering you exceptional products with perfectly finishes. This is why we chose neat and resistant English seams for each of our pieces.

4/ Attention to detail
right down to the packaging

The label is attached to a bracelet made from our fabric scraps. For even more transparency, a QR code allows you to discover the manufacturing secrets of your piece and to learn more about our workshops.