Concern for Detail

1/ Universal cuts

Behind every Soi garment, there are long hours of work to develop the perfect fit pattern: clean, easy-to-wear cuts, designed to suit a variety of body shapes and ages.

2/ Pretty buttons

For the love of detail, we do not neglect any element in the design of a garment. Our buttons are either covered with the printed fabric or created to measure. These finishes make our pieces precious.

3/ Careful
and resistant finishes

We have at heart to offer you exceptional products with perfect finishes. This is why we favour careful and resistant English seams for each of our pieces.

4/ Our little gift

As we are constantly striving to go further, we wanted to offer you more than just a piece of clothing. We have attached to each of our pieces a pretty hand woven cotton thread bracelet.

5/ Our signature book box

Each garment is packed in a pretty pink box, an emblematic color of Self. This box is designed like a book that can be kept at home to store its many treasures.