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to the Workshop

Since Soi Paris' creation, we have been committed to offer you an outstanding quality, exceptional materials and an ethical production. A sustainable and responsible manufacturing also means choosing ethical materials and carefully choose manufacturing workshops.

Our Choice
of Materials

We have chosen to use fabrics that are exclusively of natural origin, ethically sourced and sustainably produced in certified factories. Wishing to offer you a responsible and sustainable production system, we have also chosen to source our materials as close as possible to their raw state. From China for silk to Italy for woolen goods, each of our choices is well thought out and justified.

Our Choice
of Workshops

From day one, we have taken great care in selecting our manufacturing facilities. We are constantly looking for the best professionals specific to each material and we make sure to work with workshops with multiple certifications.

"All this contributes to the three pillars of our brand:
exclusive prints, natural materials and responsible manufacturing"

Aurélie & Julia

The Silk Kingdom

Welcome to Jiaxing

At the origins of Soi, there is the meeting with Jack and Midori, silk specialists, working for a factory (Jiaxing Silk) located in the Jiaxing region, one hour from Shanghai in China. This factory immediately impressed us with its long list of prestigious fashion houses with which it collaborated. We chose it because we were convinced by their know-how and their total mastery of the silk production cycle. Indeed, the whole chain is produced locally: silkworm rearing, silk weaving and tailoring. This allows us to have a complete traceability of our production. Jack and Midori believed in our project and agreed to produce our collections in small series. We have been collaborating with them since our first collection and know that it is an invaluable opportunity to have them as partners.

Their Certifications

This plant is SMETA accredited and OEKO-TEX® certified. In concrete terms, this means that it is committed to improving the environmental impact of its production, in particular through waste management, and that it guarantees good working conditions: safety, regulated working hours, no forced or child labour.

The fluid tissue specialist

Welcome to Moldova

This European family workshop, IM Mobile, is run by Georgeta. From the very first meeting, we were impressed by this woman who not only runs a workshop of 130 people, but has also created her own successful ready-to-wear brand in her country. Trained in London and passionate about women's fashion, she specialises in the creation of fluid pieces. Her rigour and expertise have enabled her to work for major French brands. We have been collaborating with her for 5 seasons.

Their Certifications

This factory is accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certifications, which attest to the good quality of the products and the excellent working conditions.

High-end merino wools & Italian tailoring

Welcome to Italy

Let us take you to the heart of Piedmont, to Valle Mosso, to show you the history of our top-of-the-range merino virgin wool, 100% made in Italy. This wool is made according to a craftsmanship perpetuated since 1865 by REDA, a family business known for the exceptional quality of its materials and its particular attention to the finishing touches of the pieces.

Their Certifications

All our merino wools hold the TRACEABILITY AND FASHION certification, which guarantees total traceability of the fabric: from sheep to spinning to finishing. Also certified WOOLMARK, SUSTAINAWOOL and MERINOS ZQ, our wools comply with the highest quality Australian merino wool standards, while protecting animals and the environment. For example, this factory has halved its water consumption by using solar energy.

Our Packaging