Manufacturing secrets

Welcome to the Workshop

Since Soi Paris' creation, we have been committed to offer you an outstanding quality, exceptional materials and an ethical production. A sustainable and responsible manufacturing also means choosing ethical materials and carefully choose manufacturing workshops.

Our Choice
of Materials

We have chosen to use fabrics that are exclusively of natural origin, ethically sourced and sustainably produced in certified factories. Wishing to offer you a responsible and sustainable production system, we have also chosen to source our materials as close as possible to their raw state. From China for silk to Italy for woolen goods, each of our choices is well thought out and justified.

Our Choice
of Workshops

From day one, we have taken great care in selecting our manufacturing workshops. We are constantly on the lookout for the best know-how specific to each material, and we make sure we work with workshops with multiple certifications.

"All this contributes to the three pillars of our brand:
exclusive prints, natural materials and responsible manufacturing"

Aurélie & Julia

Proud to be certified

B Corp

B Corp is a globally recognized certification awarded to companies committed to making environmental and social responsibility a core element of their business activities.
Since the creation of Soi, we have been committed to offering you impeccable quality by working with certified and audited workshops.
We're delighted to receive this recognition, which reinforces our values and our desire to take Soi to the next level, on the road to more committed and responsible fashion.

Our Packaging