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Espelette pepper

Appearances are sometimes deceiving! At first sight, beautiful soft flowers. But little by little the eye gets used to them and one element slowly stands out. Did you see it? Flowers, we say! Beware of its angelic air, it can quickly make you blush. The temperature rises, the sweet flowers become pungent, powerful. The Espelette pepper has had its effect, we are all warmed up. I drew and painted this print by hand, in watercolor.

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The big top opens its doors, the joyful and noisy crowd enters in a whirlwind of colours. All becomes calm, eyes riveted on the ring, the show is about to begin. Everything goes very fast, the colours dance, the lions make curtseys, the balloons fly high in the air. Then the applause resounds, the crowd is standing, it was the last number! Tonight in our dreams the colours and the laughter will waltz. I drew and painted this print by hand, with gouache.

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For food lovers, young and old, these colorful treats will bring back memories of a slightly sweeter time. Several colours, one flavor, they were always there to warm the hearts. Whether red, green, yellow or blue, they are impossible to forget. I arranged these sweet treats in a way that made for pretty flowers. I designed this print to wear them without enjoying them!