Silk dresses

Silk dresses

Who has never dreamed of a pretty silk dress?

Synonymous with elegance and femininity, fall for one of our silk dresses printed. The choice is varied: long dresses, midi dresses, short dresses or wrap dressThey have everything to please and are suitable for all occasions. Nothing better than wearing a beautiful silk dress chic and colorful from Soi. A 100% silk dress designed to accompany your every move, a chic, flattering and sensual cut, sunny and bright colours , colorful or floral prints, unequalled comfort and not forgetting the lightness of silk.

When to wear a silk dress?

Discover our selection of dresses imagined for beautiful occasions and give them the style you want. An evening, a cocktail party, a dressy ceremony or just an everyday outing? Chic and casual, stunningly elegant, with plunging necklines and slits that show off your legs, these dresses are sure to make an impact! This season, discover all our advice on what to wear to a wedding. Always colorful, our silk dresses are perfect for summer. Dare to use color for even more originality and choose the one you like for a chic and colorful look!

Which silk dress to choose for my body type?

Choosing a cut that suits us is not necessarily obvious for all! We are all different, that's why we need to adopt the dress that will make us look good. First identify your morphology: A, O, V, X, H or 8, to know then the silk dress perfect. In A, dare the bare shoulders and plunging necklines to highlight your bust. In V, adopt flowing silk dresses and close-fitting. With an X-shaped body, you will love a silk wrap dress which will mark your waist as well as V-necklines. For the 8s, all cuts are allowed, enjoy yourself! For the H and the O, prefer long, fluid and straight silk dresses that are not marked at the waist. You have all the cards in hand to choose the right dress for you. silk dress of your dreams!