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Hello Bandana

Confined to their own homes, they abolish borders and distances by abusing their telephones. Wifi, bluetooth, connection sharing, USB key, charger.... Thank you technology for allowing me virtual outings. I hid all these icons in a bandana. Will you be able to find them?

100% SILK

Crepe de Chine

We have selected this silk for its incredible softness and peach skin effect. It is carefully manufactured by our silk specialists in the Shanghai region. They raise the silkworms themselves, weave the silk and print it with Oeko Tex certifications.

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Grand Cru

In the warmth of Chez Soi, you can console yourself from the closing of bars and restaurants by putting a bottle of good wine on the table. For my virtual aperitifs, to toast with my lover or to enjoy alone... At my place, the cellar is mostly Bordeaux red. I took a picture of it to duplicate it on silk. This print is to be worn without moderation

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In Crumbs

Cut off from the world, cooped up at home, we realize that eating is good for morale. We get into the kitchen, we test new recipes found on instagram. Me, I've rediscovered the pleasure of the little golden butters of my childhood. Crumbled, dipped in milk or served with a chocolate bar... This print was created at snack time.

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Bubble Gum

Locked up at home for two months, who would have imagined living this? To pass the time, I blow bubbles with gum. I chew slowly, patiently, I let my mind wander, I escape, I'm outside... I've actually chewed all the gum in this printout.

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Queen Elizabeth

We dedicate this print to the most elegant of queens, Elisabeth, who inspired Andy Warhol. At 93 years old, she dares to wear colour, all colours, in cheerful outfits and original hats.

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shirt Jaipur

The countdown is on, you only have a few hours left to pre-order your shirt Jaipur. The shirt is available in pre-order, avoiding any risk of overproduction and respecting an ethical and responsible approach for our environment.

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Night in Jaipur

Jaipur is coming back! Gone in just a few days last summer, our favorite print is back this winter in a new color and in brand new cuts. We're off to India, this time by night, to discover the sumptuous pink city of Jaipur. We found a tablecloth covered with traditional embroidery during a trip there and we were inspired to make this print. We can see emblematic flowers and animals of the country such as the sacred cow and the palm tree.

Silk & Viscose

The United Blouses

Crepe, twill or silk chiffon, each weave has its own particularity. Extreme softness or peach skin touch, which do you prefer? All our silks are carefully woven by silk specialists in the Shanghai region. We have chosen them for their total mastery of the production cycle: they raise the silkworms themselves, weave the silk and print it. Perfect traceability, irreproachable quality and a recognized environmental and social commitment thanks to their OEKO-TEX® and SMETA accreditations.

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100% Virgin Wool

The Pants

Our iconic baggy pants come back in high quality Italian wool, made with a craftsmanship perpetuated since 1865 by REDA, a family business known for the exceptional quality of its materials and its particular attention to the finishing touches. REDA is also the promise of a total traceability of the wools, from spinning to finishing, and an environmental, social, animal and industrial commitment. Thick but fluid, this fabric will keep you warm this winter.

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100% Cotton Ribbed

The Subpulls

Treat yourself to the luxury of a second skin sensation and the softness of a 100% cotton piece... Knitted in rib knit, this cotton is extremely comfortable, it keeps you warm and is very soft, a great ally for our cold winter days. As winter never rhymes with gloom at Soi, we have chosen timeless cuts in bright colours to keep your pieces looking great for a long time.

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