It's time to take a trip back to the 70s!

A touch of retro, our prints will bring a breath of freedom and glamour to your wardrobes this winter. Make room for bright colours , geometric shapes and explosive contrasts.

Whether you're Team Zodiac: with your head in the clouds or Fortune: with your feet firmly planted on the ground, it's time to step back in time. The secret code for entry is: frenzy. Bon voyage!

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You've probably heard of it, dressed in blue to protect you from the evil eye - the famous Greek Protective Eye. Whatever its color, it's known to be a real lucky charm. Normally hung as protection against curses, it's now available in print so you can wear it as you wish! Julia imagined and designed this very graphic, seventies-inspired print by hand.

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Virgo, Aries, Aquarius, Scorpio, so many characters and personalities that together create this great constellation. You can look them up, all 12 signs are well represented and no one has been forgotten. Julia imagined and designed this print by hand, using colored pencils.

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Royaume Champignon

royaume champignon opens its doors and invites you to jump from cloud to cloud. What kind of luck will be with you? Beginner's or expert's luck? Whatever the case, you'll need to dodge carnivorous plants, collect coins, jump through pipes and avoid your enemies if you hope to fly to the next level. Julia imagined this print and created it using her tablet.