Travel Notebook

This summer, I'm taking you with me on a trip around an imaginary world. This collection is thought like a road trip book, it travels for miles without counting them. I have dreamed of these journeys, these cities and these colors. I am a great traveller, but you should know that I have chosen to illustrate only cities where I have never set foot... to give free rein to my imagination.

I start my journey in the Bay of Naples, where I had the chance to discover the island of Capri. Tradition has it that the Limone di Sorrento is cultivated in hut-shaped pergolas, characteristic of the peninsula. I took some of these lemons back with me shirt as a souvenir.

I left the continent to arrive on the paradise island of Bora-Bora. The inhabitants call it Mai te pora, which means "created by the gods". Its enchanting sandy beaches and beautiful wild flowers in flamboyant colors inspired me to create this shirt.

I take advantage of my arrival in Goreme, Turkey to start this travel diary. Magnificent hot-air balloons overhang the sky by hundreds. An almost unreal spectacle with a dreamlike look for the eyes from which ma shirtis inspired.

I ventured to the banks of the Nile in Luxor, the ancient capital of the pharaohs. What a thrill to wander with my mouth open in the Valley of the Kings and discover these magnificent temples with stones engraved with hieroglyphics. I couldn't resist the urge to bring some of them back on my shirt.

Blue Louxor printed Impériale Dress