Chez Soi - Act 2

This new collection is an exploration of our interiors.
I created it during the period of confinement, those long weeks that forced everyone to stay home.

I observed all the objects that surrounded me, that are part of my daily life and perhaps yours.

At my home, your home, Soi's home, you'll find: a collection of old CDs found at the bottom of a cupboard, soap bubbles to fall back into childhood, phones to escape
and keep in touch.

Locked up at Soi, imagination overflows.

Forcing the children to stay at home,
what a an experience!
At first, they are happy to miss school. And then it goes on and on. They go around in circles, want to go out, desperately looking for distractions.
I don't know about you, but here at home, soap bubbles are fun everytime.

Confined at home, we abolish borders
and abolish distances by abusing our phone.
Wifi, bluetooth, connection sharing, USB key, charger.... Thank you technology for allowing me to keep in touch with my friends!
I've hidden all your icons in a bandana.
Will you be able to find them?

Forced to stay at home, we overflow with energy, and get caught up in a frenzy of tidiness, and a mad desire for order. A big spring cleaning allowed me to find at the bottom of a cupboard this collection of forgotten CDs that I loved so much.
I made colourful and sparkling bouquets out of them.