Summer Evenings

We dedicate this capsule to your summer nights, your parties with friends, your evenings of seduction. Color, softness and lightness, our dresses are made of 100% silk to make you feel 100% Yourself.

On the Moroccan coast is the small town of Safi. It is impossible to set foot there without wandering through its traditional potters' souk and admiring the potters modelling the terracotta with their carnal hands and being amazed by their know-how. This print is inspired by a photo of these potteries.

I flew halfway around the world and landed in Palm Springs. This beautiful part of California is full of villas, each one more beautiful than the next. I was lucky enough to be invited to an unforgettable pool party! The tiles of the huge pool where I bathed inspired this print.

Reissues & Best Sellers

The Sea, Grenades, Bomas... These prints are part of our Best Sellers, and we are reissuing them this season in brand new cuts.


I picked my pomegranate when it was ripe, cut it in half and took a picture of its red seeds. A fascinating and intense red, from rosy to purple, from carmine to scarlet : these shades of color inspired me this print.

La Mer

For this print, Julia was inspired by Charles Trenet's song written in 1946. She took pictures of silver sardines wriggling in the sun and arranged them in a geometric pattern.


This print is based on a satellite photo of Masai villages called Bomas. Their organization is always the same, small oval houses made of branches and arranged in a circle, enclosed by a thorn fence. At night, the Masai bring their herds inside the circle to protect them from the wild beasts.