Women's velvet pants

Velvet Pants

For the love of velvet

Enter the sumptuous world of pants in velvet, where comfort meets elegance to create colorful, seasonal outfits. Corduroy, 100% cotton, is a soft-touch fabric that adds a touch of glamour to any wardrobe. Visit pants in velvet will become a must-have choice for special occasions or moments when you want to stand out with originality. Discover our Pants and Skirts, skirts and pants in corduroy that will be your allies this winter. Wear them without moderation, accompanied by our printed blouses, silk blousesunderpulls and colorful sweaters.

Why choose velvet pants?

The pants in women's velvet Soi Paris, it's: unrivalled comfort, a great fit and vibrant colours . Velvet is renowned for its incredibly soft, pleasant feel. Visit pants in velvet offer perfect comfort while allowing you to remain elegant, making them an ideal choice for occasions when you want to feel comfortable without sacrificing style. The pants in women's velvet instantly add a touch of originality to any outfit. Their on-trend finish and cut make them perfect centerpieces for formal events or special evenings out. Whether you opt for a pants In classic or printed velvet, straight or flared cut, velvet blends harmoniously with a variety of styles. Visit pants velvet suits both casual and dressy looks, giving you plenty of scope to express your style. Visit pants velvet are the ultimate symbol of soft elegance and luxurious comfort, making them essential pieces.

How to wear velvet pants

For special occasions or formal events, combine the pants velvet to a colorful blouse or a shirt in silk for an elegant look. Choose a pants in velvet and a colorful sweater for casual elegance in autumn or winter. For a bold, glamorous look, choose a pants in women's black velvet, a pants in navy blue velvet, a pants in beige, orange, pink or green velvet... Your favorite color is bound to be featured on one of our Pants and Skirts in women's corduroy. Combine your pants velvet to a neutral top for an elegant contrast.