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Grand Cru

In the warmth of Chez Soi, you can console yourself from the closing of bars and restaurants by putting a bottle of good wine on the table. For my virtual aperitifs, to toast with my lover or to taste alone... At my place, the cellar is mostly Bordeaux red. I took a picture of it to duplicate it on silk. This print is to be worn without moderation.

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Bubble Gum

Locked up at home for two months, who would have imagined living this? To pass the time, I blow bubbles with gum. I chew slowly, patiently, I let my mind wander, I escape, I'm outside... I've actually chewed all the gum in this printout.

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Night in Jaipur

Jaipur is coming back! Gone in just a few days last summer, our favorite print is back this winter in a new color and in brand new cuts. We're off to India, this time by night, to discover the sumptuous pink city of Jaipur. We found a tablecloth covered with traditional embroidery during a trip there and we were inspired to make this print. We can see emblematic flowers and animals of the country such as the sacred cow and the palm tree.

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