The days are getting longer, the terraces are filling up, the heat is rising. Your mind starts to travel, you dream of a fresh and colorful cocktail. You go deeper into your thoughts and you find yourself at the edge of a swimming pool on the occasion of a sweet evening. You are wearing a colorful outfit that suits you perfectly. All eyes are on you, it's intimidating but delightfully pleasant. You've just figured it out, your print is a hit and matches perfectly with your intoxicating cocktail.

In front of me, fragrant hills. These colored spices reveal an orange cameo. Paprika is sweet, Cumin is spicy and delicate. Each one of them has its own flavor and gives the dishes an inimitable perfume. With each tasting, a new emotion. Their natural pigment ensures a universal taste. I took pictures of these spice samples at colours to create a spicy print with a strong character.

Geometric lines, subtle contrasts and artistic pastels, my pencils from colours are always in a good mood. They play with their shape and reveal a nice variety of shades. Multicolored ideas and here are some samples of happiness. A sweet mix of wax and pigments to color my thoughts. I drew this geometric pattern with a felt pen.

Pink, the color of innocence and sweetness, has come to dethrone black and seduce red by putting all its passion. A pure and romantic picture where colours draws a flowery landscape. Red has fallen under the spell of the sweet freshness of Pink. They are one, it was their destiny. A print that wonderfully blends two vibrant shades that we love so much. I designed this print freely by hand.

In the heart of the Red Sea, the depths are colorful, the waters are agitated. Captivated by the vibrant color of the depths, I let myself be carried away by the magic of the underwater life. The octopuses undulate, the corals dance, the currents are agitated and the shades are mixed. A deep and flamboyant red rocks the tinted waters of a salty sea. I drew and painted this print by hand, with gouache.